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Proceq partners with GPR-SLICE to create new cloud-based, mobile software solutions

Aug 29, 2019

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Proceq partners with GPR-SLICE to create new cloud-based, mobile software solutions
Proceq SA, a Screening Eagle Technologies company, has secured the exclusive rights to develop a cloud-based, mobile solution with Geophysical Archaeometry Laboratory, developers of the highly regarded ground penetrating radar imaging desktop software, GPR-SLICE.

GPR-SLICE, developed in 1994 by geophysicist Dean Goodman of the Geophysical Archaeometry Laboratory in California, was designed to create 2D/3D subsurface images, including time slices and 3D volume displays, and is the industry leader for expert users. It features overlay options and filters, which provide comprehensive subsurface maps that synthesize structures located at different depths. The first Windows version of the software was released in 2001 and has since become the gold standard for GPR image post-processing.

Proceq’s Screening Eagle inspection technology platform, a mobile app- and cloud-based ecosystem, provides cutting-edge client solutions from sophisticated real-time imaging and measurement analytics to automated reporting and advanced visualization tools via mobile and augmented reality. In Proceq, Dr. Goodman has found an innovative and forward-looking partner to develop a next-generation, cloud-based solution.

Proceq also becomes an authorized distribution partner for the GPR-SLICE PC software, which is used today by radar experts worldwide to import and process Proceq GPR data.

This close partnership continues a push by Screening Eagle Technologies to invest substantially – internally and externally – in software to empower infrastructure asset inspectors.

Proceq and Dreamlab have built cutting-edge products for the NDT and GPR sectors and I see them as an innovative partner to develop new cloud and mobile solutions based on GPR-SLICE. I will continue to support GPR-SLICE PC software and our customers, but look forward to our collaboration with Proceq to expand the market for our software and explore future technologies

Dr. Goodman

Geophysicist, Geophysical Archaeometry Laboratory in California

At Screening Eagle Technologies, we are strategically investing into our vision of the future of asset inspection. A future that relies on powerful sensors and intelligent software solutions. GPR-SLICE is another strong strategic partnership and investment into that future.

Marcel Poser

Screening Eagle Technologies CEO