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Screening Eagle Opens Registrations for #KEY23SET - The Built World Tech Keynote

Jul 25, 2023

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Screening Eagle Opens Registrations for #KEY23SET - The Built World Tech Keynote

Screening Eagle Technologies is pleased to announce their upcoming #KEY23SET - The Built World Tech Keynote event happening on September 26, 2023. The online event is free to attend and launches several exciting solutions for concrete and subsurface mapping for safe, enduring and sustainable structures.

In last year’s digital keynote event, attended by thousands of professionals from all over the globe, the Screening Eagle team presented efficient new solutions for civil engineers, surveyors, locators, asset owners, inspectors and NDT specialists. The event saw the release of three new products to increase safety, quality and longevity of structures using powerful software, IOT sensors and deep data.

This year’s #KEY23SET focuses on tackling some of the main challenges of the industry today including aging underground infrastructure, concrete ‘cancer’, asset data management, net zero structures, damage prevention and more with the new solutions. 

Aimed at industry professionals such as civil & structural engineers, utility locators, subsurface engineers, NDT specialists and asset owners, the event shows attendees how to:

·       Secure longevity of structures with concrete inspection & imaging

·       Unlock a valuable new dimension for subsurface mapping

·       Save significant time, costs and manpower in the field

·       Maximize quality of deliverables to clients


The Built World Tech Keynote will be hosted by Antonio Caballero, CEO of Screening Eagle and other experts from the team as they take the audience on a virtual journey through each challenge and solution. 

This year, we take things to a whole new dimension with our latest developments, and we are extremely excited to share them with our global community.” – Antonio Caballero, CEO at Screening Eagle Technologies.

The #KEY23SET event is set to be one of the biggest yet, with more exciting updates and product releases for the industry.


Event date: September 26, 2023

Time: 8AM Austin, TX | 2PM Cambridge, UK | 3PM Zurich | 9PM Singapore

Event registration:  https://screeningeagle.com/key23set

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