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Screening Eagle INSPECT moves industry into the digital age

Sep 22, 2020

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Screening Eagle INSPECT moves industry into the digital age

Unveiled for the first time during the #KEY20SET Screening Eagle Keynote, INSPECT moves the inspection tech industry firmly into the digital age and onto an ever-evolving software platform.

INSPECT is a comprehensive, cloud-connected software platform that seamlessly integrates into inspection workflows, facilitating data collection in the field and reporting in a fully digital, customizable and collaborative way. Designed from the ground up for use on-site with an iPad, INSPECT has a powerful web interface for managing all assets and inspections from the office.

It focuses on one often overlooked yet simple and essential element of inspection reporting – Location. With INSPECT, an observation is made in the field, linked to a MAP, to 2D views or to a 3D digital twin of the asset. These individual observations are called SPOTS. Pictures, sketches, fully customized input fields – and much more – can also be added to meet project-specific reporting requirements. Multiple users can collaborate on the same project at the same time and communicate with the built-in chat function. Reports can be generated, shared as pdfs and sent immediately – even from site.

Revolutionary Artificial Intelligence capabilities power defect detection

DEFECT has a Neural Network engine at its core which identifies and segments cracks from the images with unprecedented precision and over 1,000x faster.

Full-scale 3D scan

With just the latest generation iPad and INSPECT, a full-scale 3D scan of the user’s surroundings can be created. Dimensions can be measured, the scan can be sliced-and-diced and exported it to the user’s preferred CAD tools for post-processing.

MA8800 inspector body-camera

The team also announced the first wearable plug-in technology for INSPECT – the MA8800 inspector body-camera. The wearer’s surroundings are captured in wide-angle, high-resolution images at the same time – and these images are attached to the locations where they were taken.

Screening Eagle Technologies VP Products, Risto Doncev said: “INSPECT changes everything – not only does it give greater and more valuable insights, but it also ensures that the highest quality data is available whenever – and wherever – it is needed and in whatever format required. Never before have asset owners, inspectors and engineers had access to such powerful diagnostic and reporting technology with which to manage structural asset maintenance – and, ultimately, their profitability.”