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Screening Eagle Paves the Way for Quality, Safety & Longevity of Structures

Sep 22, 2022

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Screening Eagle Paves the Way for Quality, Safety & Longevity of Structures

Today, Screening Eagle Technologies hosted its #KEY22SET Built World Keynote and Product Launch Event, focusing on increasing the quality, safety and longevity of concrete structures with new Built World Tech solutions.

Almost half of global CO2 emissions come from the construction and operations of the built environment, with 60% of that from operation carbon and 40% from embodied carbon. Furthermore, there is also the crisis around aging and poorly maintained structures. This is where Screening Eagle’s Built World Tech solutions come in to tackle these environmental, societal and economic challenges.

At #KEY22SET, Screening Eagle presented digital-first, intuitive solutions for civil engineers, asset owners, locators, surveyors, inspectors and NDT specialists, to increase field productivity, visualize the subsurface in never-seen-before quality and boost asset value. The event saw the release of three products to capture and analyze visual, contextual, geospatial and condition data of the built environment.

Screening Eagle expanded their concrete inspection portfolio with the world's most compact, versatile and accurate concrete cover meter with real-time software, Profometer PM8000 Pro. This ultra-lightweight product release helps to increase the longevity of buildings and infrastructure by assessing the concrete cover, rebar spacing and diameter with real-time data visualization. The condition of the concrete cover and rebar is directly correlated to how fast the building ages and corrodes. The PM8000 Pro and PM app offers the most precise reinforced concrete inspection including quality control, durability & structural resistance assessments.

The latest version of INSPECT 3 intelligent inspection workflow and asset management software was announced with several new advantages for its subscribers. INSPECT 3 is all about ensuring inspection workflows that prolong useable lifetime of the structure. Through its the three distinct workflows – manual, semi-autonomous and autonomous – users have advanced capabilities for managing large projects with traceability, consistency and high efficiency in the field. All project data including 3D scans can be hosted in a Digital Twin of the asset and each project can be found easily on the new Geomap.

The company also introduced GPR Insights 2, the web-based GPR data post-processing and analysis software with revolutionary new features to provide the clearest insights into archaeological projects and for decision making on construction, maintenance or repairs. GPR Insights now gives the ability to collaborate on projects with several colleagues in real-time via a shareable link. Furthermore, it delivers true 3D visualization of rendered data in a single click – which is another world first for GPR data post-processing software.

Viewers also got to meet some of Screening Eagle's customers including Florian Mueller at Afry Engineering, and Marton Marosszeky at BCRC Australia and watch their inspirational stories.

- Marcel Poser, CEO Screening Eagle Technologies

Screening Eagle is now offering a series of free webinars, demos and roadshow events to experience the new products and will be showing them live at all of the top industry events in 2023.