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Screening Eagle Revolutionizes Subsurface Mapping and Visualization

Sep 29, 2021

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Screening Eagle Revolutionizes Subsurface Mapping and Visualization

Screening Eagle Technologies recently hosted #UnlockYourPath, a special online event dedicated to subsurface mapping and visualization using ground penetration radar (GPR).

Subsurface mapping and surveys are critical before any excavation, drilling or construction takes place to avoid hitting a buried cable or pipes and to inventories all underground assets for both governmental and private asset owners.

The #UnlockYourPath event saw the release of the GS 2 GPR Subsurface software which delivers previously unseen capabilities in subsurface mapping. Now, surveyors, locators and mapping professionals can enjoy unparalleled freedom in the field to see 3D tomographic maps with centimeter accuracy of the underground, building up in real time during the scanning process. Furthermore, underground maps can be delivered directly from the field.

Also released at the digital event was the next generation of GPR data analysis software, GPR Insights. Until now, data analytics and post-processing has traditionally been challenging, time-consuming and limited to experts only, but GPR Insights democratizes GPR data analysis for a wider audience.

Viewers also got to 'meet' some of Screening Eagle's customers including Geotechnical Engineering Limited (UK), Site Vision Surveys (UK), and GPR3D (Spain) as they shared their subsurface inspection stories using the subsurface GPR GS8000.

And the show continues! We are now offering a series of free activities including roadshow events, product webinars and demos to provide further information and experiences of the new subsurface mapping workflow and software solutions. Learn more or watch the replay on demand.