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Screening Eagle Unveils Disruptive New Technologies for Safe, Sustainable and Enduring Infrastructure

Sep 26, 2023

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Screening Eagle Unveils Disruptive New Technologies for Safe, Sustainable and Enduring Infrastructure

Today, Screening Eagle Technologies hosted #KEY23SET – The Built World Tech Keynote digital event, dedicated to the latest technological advancements to ensure safe, enduring and sustainable infrastructure, above and beneath the ground.

The Built World provides the necessary infrastructure for our lives, our society, and our economies, from bridges, tunnels, airports, hospitals, and schools to our homes. In many cases these structures were built many decades ago, exceeding the time for what they were designed for, or they did not receive the right attention in terms of inspection and maintenance. The combination of those factors has led to a societal challenge requiring more attention. Since rebuilding thousands of structures again is not a feasible solution for financial or sustainability reasons, long-term strategies and implementing effective actions that preserve structures are the way forward.

This is where Screening Eagle’s Built World Tech solutions come in to tackle these environmental, societal and economic challenges.

At #KEY23SET, the Screening Eagle team presented several new solutions for Civil & Structural Engineers, Building Inspectors, Subsurface Engineers, Asset Owners and NDT specialists to make their work easier, more productive and more efficient in the field. The event saw the release of five new solutions to streamline the asset inspection workflow, detect corrosion faster than ever, and optimize subsurface mapping of large areas.

The latest version of Screening Eagle INSPECT 4, the intelligent asset inspection and management software was announced with its brand-new mobile app designed to empower the entire inspection process. With the new iPhone app, users can now collect structural data with full INSPECT capabilities and seamless integration with the iPad, or laptop. This makes it even faster for site inspection teams to complete tasks and move to the next site. INSPECT 4 also presented its new API enabling users to keep their legacy system while improving the way they collect data. The RESTful API allows users to fetch all Assets, Spots and Reports through simple HTTP requests to download data in its simplest form. INSPECT 4 is also more tailored to every user’s unique requirements with the new Field Dashboard to boost productivity on daily tasks.

Screening Eagle expanded their concrete portfolio with an advanced digital-first solution to one of the biggest challenges of the built world today – corrosion. The new Profometer PM8500 Corrosion is the most complete half-cell solution for rapid onsite mapping of corrosion potential in reinforced concrete. The light and wireless design with unique wheel electrodes enables the world’s fastest data acquisition with real-time data visualization and analytics. The state-of-the-art sensor comes with the powerful Profometer app software with a flexible, customizable grid, capable of handling up to 10’000 square meters scan capacity. Together, the sensor and software make the PM8500 an effective solution for any type of corrosion inspection on concrete structures such as underground parking columns, walls, slabs or bridge decks.

To tackle the big challenge of aging underground infrastructure, Screening Eagle also released the GS9000 Multichannel GPR system to scan large subsurface areas with ease. The principles of the GS9000 are exactly the same as those that made the GS8000 subsurface mapping system famous - versatility, efficiency and simplicity. Yet with the GS9000, these principles are enhanced to bring new levels of productivity to the field. The push-operated sensor with Stepped-frequency Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) scans up to 50 parallel lines at the same and processes them in real-time on the iPad. This enables the same area to be covered up to 30x faster. Buried objects such as utility pipes can be immediately visualized in several ways, leaving no room for guesswork. The GS9000 comes with two interchangeable array options to cover a plethora of applications including bridge and road inspection, forensics, utility mapping, geophysical investigations, archaeology and more.

For those who want to take subsurface mapping to a much bigger scale, Screening Eagle released the new GM8000 Mobile Mapping system for the underground. The GM8000 is a fully equipped GPR system, designed to be towed by a vehicle. The system consists of Multichannel GPR array sensors and an intuitive app to control the whole system during data acquisition. There are two modules, GX1 and GX2, tailored for near-surface - and deep detection, respectively, to have every scenario covered. This allows the GM8000 to cope with utility mapping, geophysical or archaeological surveys as well as bridge or pavement analysis projects, with nothing else than a simple click-out and a click-in of the corresponding GPR array module. 

The company also introduced GPR Insights 3, the web-based GPR data post-processing and analysis software for any type of ground penetrating radar data. The new release brings virtually unlimited data storage and super charged data post-processing capabilities to handle Big Data in less time, and from any standard PC. Powered by artificial intelligence, tasks that would previously take 5 hours, can now be automated in around 5 minutes. Furthermore, GPR Insights 3 is able to read and process data from almost any 3rd party GPR sensor, single- or multichannel, enabling survey companies to manage large fleets of multi-brand equipment with one, powerful and intuitive software solution.

To showcase all of the new solutions, the Screening Eagle team will be hosting roadshow events in over 60 locations around the globe for people to experience the technology for free and receive valuable insights from industry experts. The team are also offering a series of online training webinars and in-person demo days.