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Screening Eagle Technologies Release All-Terrain Subsurface Mapping GPR

Aug 02, 2022

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Screening Eagle Technologies Release All-Terrain Subsurface Mapping GPR

Screening Eagle Technologies has today launched the Pro variant of its revolutionary subsurface detection and mapping system, GS8000, pre-configured for all-terrain use and complete with useful accessories for all environments. The new Proceq GS8000 Pro subsurface mapping ground penetrating radar (GPR) makes it easier for engineers to start collecting, visualizing and reporting valuable data from the field, right away.

The original GS8000 was first released in 2020 as a revolutionary way to detect, map and visualize the subsurface environment with high precision and real-time clarity. The original GS8000’s standard configuration is for urban settings and is used by subsurface engineering companies, utility locators and surveyors, archaeologists, civil engineers, and geophysicists globally.

The new GS8000 Pro version comes already fully equipped with professional configurations for all-terrain use, plus accessories including:

  • Off-road wheels - with larger diameter and on a different position to overcome obstacles.
  • Off-road underbody - for better roll back on uneven surfaces.
  • GNSS pole fixation kit - to prevent wobbling while moving on uneven surfaces.
  • Wheel position adapter kit - Shifts the position of the wheels 20mm in any direction.
  • Sun & rain tablet cover - to protect the iPad from sun & rain.
  • Hard transportation case - to protect the whole system while traveling.

Users of both the original Proceq GS8000 and the new Proceq GS8000 Pro leverage the ever-evolving software, GS 2 app, for accurate detection, georeferenced data mapping and 3D reality capture of the subsurface in real-time.