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Screening Eagle Unveils the Future of Ground Penetration Radar

Jun 02, 2021

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Screening Eagle Unveils the Future of Ground Penetration Radar

At the recent #KEY21SET InspectionTech Keynote and Product Launch event, Screening Eagle unveiled a revolutionary new addition to their GPR family – the Proceq GP8100.

The GP8100 features the world’s first large scan width handheld GPR with the new Superline scan to deliver fast object detection, and never-seen-before data clarity alongside deep penetration depth. One Superline scan with the GP8100 is the equivalent to 6 classical line scans.

Screening Eagle has been disrupting the GPR industry with ground-breaking innovations since 2017. Now, the company has presented a new wave of innovations, complementing their GPR family with the unique Proceq GP8100 to make large-scale inspections radically simpler and more efficient.

The new portable concrete GPR enables quick detection of objects of any size, allowing inspection engineers to collect dense inspection data with just one Superline scan. Users also benefit from the unique data clarity with 2D time-slice, 3D tomography and augmented reality in real-time.

The GP8100 can be used for multiple applications including concrete inspection of large areas in all buildings or bridge decks, object detection and damage prevention before drilling, coring or cutting into concrete, and GPR data collection for concrete structural assessment and post-processing data.

Screening Eagle will now offer a series of technical webinars for the GP8100 and their other new products that were released during the keynote, and will be showing them live at the World of Concrete next June in Las Vegas.