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Bruno Valsangiacomo
Executive Chairman

Bruno Valsangiacomo is a successful entrepreneur and multi-industrialist. He is Executive Chairman of the Tectus Group of Companies, owned by the Brandestini and Valsangiacomo families. From 1991 he diversified the Group’s activities into media, entertainment and television via the ITI Group, building such brands as TVN, Onet and Multikino in Poland. Since then he has also developed new markets and pioneered new technologies in construction engineering, virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence in various industries, and new approaches and innovative systems to Protect the Built world.

With a passion for business building, he is a Founder/co-Founder of various successful ventures and served as Chairman and or Board member of various Tectus Group companies, including Screening Eagle Technologies, BBR Holding in Switzerland and of various BBR subsidiaries he co-founded such as BBR Holdings Singapore, BBR Polska and BBR VT. He also serves on the Board of both BBR franchisee Stahlton AG and Stahlton Bauteile AG in Switzerland.

In order to leverage his extensive know-how and accelerate the scale-up of Screening Eagle’s innovative technologies globally with two market focussed organizations Proceq and Dreamlab Singapore, he Chairs the newly implemented Screening Eagle Group Executive Committee. 

He graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration from the School of Economics and Administration in Zurich.