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Jesús Hormigo
Chief of Cloud and AI

Jesús, is a computer scientist, technologist and inventor, committed to the development of ICT hardware and software that deliver meaningful and sustainable impact in all facets of daily life.
He joined Screening Eagle in early 2020 and is responsible for the company’s cloud computing fabric, with the main function of aligning the technology vision with business strategy, by integrating company processes with the appropriate web technologies and services, making our ecosystem reliable and secure.

As the Managing Director for the Spanish operation of Screening Eagle Technologies in Málaga, Spain, Jesús is also responsible for the AI research and development efforts at the company. He leads the Artificial Intelligence team in fundamental and applied research in AI, and makes our products more valuable to our users by leveraging Artificial Intelligence.

Jesús has worked as CTO in other Tectus invested companies, such as NeuroPro, where he led the development of the ICT elements and its’ next generation of computing infrastructure for the management of healthcare data in the cloud. He also co-invented, co-founded, and led the development and deployment of Virtually Live: a new age in immersive, interactive global media.