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Are there any rebound hammer conversion curves available for rock testing?

There are many rebound hammer correlation curves freely available for different lithologies to be found in literature on the internet. e.g. Aydin, A. & Basu, Arindam. (2005). The Schmidt Hammer in rock material characterization. Engineering Geology. 81. 1-14. 10.1016/j.enggeo.2005.06.006.

Most of these curves were created with classical R-value hammers and can be used entered directly as a custom material curve in the Original Schmidt Live app.

To use with the Rock Schmidt it is necessary to convert to a Q-value curve. Typically the Q-value is R-value + 10.

e.g. Katz et al. (2000)

UCS = 2.21e(0.07R)

Using the R-value curve and the corresponding Q-value it is a simple matter to derive the Q-value curve using the trendline function in spreadsheet software.

UCS = 1.0975e(0.07Q)

Visit the download section below to see the full Rock Schmidt Conversion Curve Database.

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