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What is a cross-cut test?

The adhesion of a coating on a substrate is crucial for the mechanical performance as well as for the corrosion protection. In practice, there are several test procedures for determining the adhesion such as cross-cut test, mandrel test and impact test.

The cross-cut test is a very rapid and simple method for the assessment of single and multi-coat systems. Here, cuts in a 30° angle (method A) or right-angle (method B) are executed so that you receive a lattice pattern or an X-shape. These test methods can be used as quick pass/fail tests. When applied to a multi-coat system, assessment of the adhesion of individual layers of the coating among each other may be carried out.

The ZCC2087 Cross-cut tester or the ZCT2067 Crooss-cut Templet can be used to perform an cross-cut test.

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