3D Reality Capture of Concrete and Subsurface in Real-Time using SFCW GPR

Join Screening Eagle Technologies and PD Tech for this webinar on the latest GPR innovations.

The webinar will consist of two parts. The first will cover the technology and advantages of Stepped Frequency (SFCW) GPR. Applications and results from two SFWC GPR products will be shared - Proceq GP8100, an array for concrete imaging; and Proceq GS8000, a pushcart system for subsurface mapping.

The second part will cover software advances for GPR, including cloud-computing and intuitive post-processing. Screening Eagle's Workspace and GPR Insights products will be demonstrated.

Proceq GS8000 was updated this month, and GPR Insights was launched for the first time this month, so don't miss the opportunity to hear the latest updates!