Utility mapping standards and requirements in Malaysia (3 part series)

Series 1: Utility mapping standards and requirements in Malaysia
Which utility mapping standards are used in Malaysia and how do they compare to international standards? Which are the effective locating techniques utilized by current experts?
Mr. Jalal Johari, mapping consultant of Jalal Johari Consultants, will be sharing his industry knowledge and answer your questions pertaining to it.

Series 2:Advanced GPR sensor technology: Pulsed vs Stepped Frequency Continuous Wave (SFCW)
What is SFCW and how is it revolutionizing SUE in Malaysia?
Digitizing your concrete inspection workflow starts from downloading the free app, sign up to see how it works to solve the most common issues surveyors face at work.

Series 3:
Advanced GPR data processing: Intelligent post-processing
There's an increasing demand in Malaysia by customers for a proper visualization of project data.
A Live demonstration will be conducted to show you the simple steps to utilize the software like an expert to easily visualize the data.