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Why the iPad?


We develop our software for the iPad because we know it is the most powerful technology for field data capture workflows and is used by over 50% of tablet owners. This way, we give you outstanding performance while we concentrate on our core capabilities - software, sensors and data.


With the iPad, you not only have your field workflows covered, you also have all modern business applications at hand.


Recommendations to keep your iPad working efficiently

  • Keep the iOS operating system updated.
  • Clean your iPad regularly with a scratch-resistant cloth and avoid using cleaning solutions.
  • Regularly sync your files and measurement data with our Workspace web platform.
  • Protect your iPad from impacts, heat and dust. We have listed some recommended accessories below.



Protection Sleeve or Case


Field data capture requires the best software, sensors and processing units. The iPad is the state-of-the-art processing unit that is both powerful and efficient. We recommend getting a good protective case. This will enable a long-lasting, rugged and efficient performance in the field.

The variety of protection cases for your iPad is immense. Here are a few examples:

Protective case (e.g. UAG)

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Thermal Protection (Extreme Environments)


Protection that helps prevent overheating in the sun and insulates from the cold to extend battery life while also providing an IP66 water-resistance rating and military-grade drop protection.


Insulated Case - Thermal Protection (e.g. Phoozy)

Link to website


Mounting Options


Our products are used in a range of different applications and industries. Using, wearing or mounting an iPad in the field will differ depending on the environments. Each user may hold or mount their iPads differently because of their application and environment.


Carriage & Fit


There are no standards for mounting iPad accessories - modularity is key. Our range of sensor mounts for the iPad has been carefully crafted to suit the most demanding applications.

Hand strap (e.g. UAG)

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Shoulder strap

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Tablet holder

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Sensor mounts

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Heat & Sunlight Protection


Direct sunlight and heat are typical concerns when working outdoors. Fortunately, there are several options that will protect your iPad. For outdoor operation, we recommend to manage the main source of heat first, which is direct sunlight. In most cases a sunshade is sufficient. Under the hottest outdoor conditions an active cooling system can also be used.

iPad Cooling Case
(e.g. X-naut)

Link to website

Thin Cool Case
(e.g. Mygoflight)

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iPad Cooling Case with SunShield
(e.g. Qcore IceCase)

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iPad SunShield
(e.g. Proceq GS8000)

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Docking & Mounting Solutions


Besides protection, sometimes it makes sense to dock the iPad or recharge the battery during use or standby. The variety of accessories for your iPad is immense. Here are a couple of examples:


Protective iPad Docking system

Extend the life of devices by preventing damage to the charging port from repetitive docking.

Link to RAM IntelliSkin

Universal quick connect-system

Efficient and consistent way to install or remove iPad devices from the same mounting system.

Link to PIVOT


Protection in Hazardous Zones


Keep your iPad safe and protected when working in hazardous zones such as explosive gas atmospheres or harsh environments, using a fully protective case certified for ATEX Zone 2, Class 1 Division 2, and Class 2 Division 2 hazardous area use.


Explosion Proof ATEX iPad 9.7 Zone 2 Intrinsically Safe

Link to Atexxo  ---   Link to IntrinsicallySafe

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