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Discover the latest technologies in subsurface mapping, concrete imaging, and non-destructive testing for safe, enduring and sustainable structures.

Unlock new capabilities for asset inspection and management.

Revolutionize the way you see and map what lies beneath.

Secure the health and longevity of concrete structures.

Get your hands on the latest releases at our roadshow.

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26 September 2023

8AM Austin, TX | 2PM Cambridge, UK | 3PM Zurich | 9PM Singapore



Right after that, Screening Eagle team will hit the road and we’re coming to a city near you! 

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Screening Eagle Digital Keynote. Securing the quality, safety and longevity of structures.

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Screening Eagle Special Event dedicated to subsurface detection and mapping solutions.

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Screening Eagle Digital Keynote. Data-driven solutions to solve the built environment crisis.

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Screening Eagle Digital Keynote. Increasing quality and productivity in structural inspection.

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