US Infrastructure Plan - Why the InspectionTech Industry is More Crucial Than Ever

With President Biden's recent announcements of his plans for US infrastructure, we take a look at how the Inspection Tech industry has become more critical than ever for stronger, healthier and more sustainable roads, highways and bridges throughout the US and around the globe.

Inspection Tech for sustainable infrastructure

Infrastructure & Asset Inspection of Concrete Structures



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The urgent need to address the health of infrastructure has now become a top priority for nations around the world. Aging buildings and bridges, unpredictable destructive events, and infrequent maintenance are just some of the issues that have deteriorated our global infrastructure.

Here at Screening Eagle, we breathe a sigh of relief as we see more conversations geared towards plans for safer, more sustainable ways to protect the built world. As ever, we remain proactive and ready to come together as a global community and take on the mission.

And it’s never been a better time to do it. President Biden has announced plans for the US with far-reaching investments into repairing the nation’s roads, highways, bridges and buildings. Biden plans to lay the foundation for safer, stronger, and smarter cities with 20,000 miles of rebuilt roads and repairs to the 10 most economically important bridges in the country.

Wise Investments

With Biden’s pledge, it’s clear that there will much needed efforts made to improve the health of aging infrastructure in the US. It’s not about the cost of inspections and repair any longer, now it has become about the cost of not having the correct inspections and maintenance.

Ultimately, it is human lives that use and rely on our global infrastructure every day. Ensuring that it is reliable, safe, and well-maintained is absolutely essential to avoid a potential disastrous event. Not only can it save lives, but it also saves millions of dollars every year.

According to a study by the National Institute of Building Sciences, around $1 spent on pre-disaster mitigation, saves around $6 on covering the cost of a destructive event.

With ever increasing climate threats, we must do what we can to protect the planet and the built world we live in, preventing these events from happening.

That’s where inspection professionals become vital components of healthy, sustainable infrastructure. Without proper, regular inspections and maintenance, our cities would be in ruins.

When inspection engineers are equipped with the right technology, it becomes possible to not only improve the health of our infrastructure, but also predict future maintenance and avoid disastrous events.

How is this possible?

Digital history – By creating a digital history of all buildings and infrastructure, it becomes possible to see the health of assets at any point in time. Even 30 years down the line, an inspector could look at the asset history and see what maintenance works have been done or not done.

Inspection tech – With the right non-destructive technology, inspections are more accurate, faster and cost efficient compared to traditional inspection methods. This means more inspections can be done in less time, improving the health of our infrastructure in a sustainable way.

Intelligent software – Predictive maintenance would not be possible without truly intelligent inspection software. By building digital twins of the assets and leveraging artificial intelligence, we can establish autonomous, predictive maintenance for our infrastructure.

Community – Inspections matter to everyone. To tackle this global problem of aging infrastructure, the best way to do it is together. Screening Eagle Technologies delivers continuous innovation at disruptive pricing so that all communities can have access to safer, stronger walkways, roads, highways, bridges and buildings.

We have been honoured to build the leading global community of professionals in the InspectionTech industry and look forward to expanding this to support our aging infrastructure. Join us as we head into a future of preventative inspections and maintenance to protect the built environment with software, sensors and data.

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