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Pundit Vision
Outstanding visualization and analysis of ultrasonic pulse-echo data, empowering inspections with  first of its kind capabilities
Achieve enhanced data analysis with advanced and extended capabilities for data manipulation, plus free choice of gathered datasets before processing and reconstruction of ultrasonic signals
Get additional and specific insights across multiple data sets, and interpret your data with added confidence by identifying materials within the structure using the phase visualization and evaluation 
Expand your analysis across multiple data sets with simultaneous visualization - increasing the level of data insights, boosting productivity, and bringing your inspection capabilities to the next level
Expand your vision
Pundit Vision offers excellent visualization and analysis of ultrasonic pulse-echo data, with advanced imaging capabilities for ultrasonic concrete screening. Move through the 3D reconstructed image slice by slice, inspecting the areas of concern in intricate detail and accuracy.
Combine your data
Combine your data for higher accuracy and precision of your investigation. By combining your stripe scans or line scans you achieve a grand overview of the on-site inspection job you performed. Get additional and specific insights, and interpret your data with added confidence by identifying materials within the structure, thanks to capabilities of phase visualization and evaluation..


Advance your inspections

With cutting-edge algorithms allowing for simultaneous visualization across multiple data sets, Pundit Vision delivers the most intuitive way to analyse ultrasonic pulse-echo data. The software handles multiple Stripe Scans easily, with pre-processing of the signal and fast data processing. Your results can be exported and saved as both video and images. Pundit Vision is the intelligent and powerful PC software solution for analysis of ultrasound pulse echo data. Experience advanced capabilities for multiple file processing and analysis, as well as simultaneous data visualization in 2D and 3D.


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