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Roll Hardness Testers


Paper Roll Tester
Fully automatic hardness profiler that detects even the smallest defects with unmatched measurement precision and speed
  • Position-based instead of acceleration-based only
  • Minimization of damage through hitting velocity and shape selection
  • Reports can be saved conveniently to any standard SD card


Large, midsize and small paper rolls / Thin film rolls / Foil rolls / Coated rolls / Composite / multilayer / Very thin foils / Non standard foils e.g. BDF, BOPET, BOPP, BOPA

Precision through position-based measurement - enabling elimination of substantial waste during production and upon delivery
Suitable for even the most delicate and complex materials, the RQ8000 delivers 30 impacts per second monitored 100’000 times to ensure ultra-high measurement accuracy
This device helps you to not only avoid the runnability problems, but to gain significant savings and customers' satisfaction with early and fast detection of small roll defects
The fully automated measurement procedure delivers consistent results with unmatched repeatability even at a high measurement speed and measured from edge-to-edge of the roll

Swiss Made

Innovation Award
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