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Geophysical Survey: Hungarian National Museum Reveals Intriguing Data from Medieval Structure Hidden Underground

After an unusually large ditch had been spotted on aerial imagery near Lake Balaton in Hungary, The Hungarian National Museum set out to find out more about the mysterious structure. See how they used advanced software to analyze geophysical survey data and reveal some interesting...

Case Study

Archaeological analysis of King Tutankhamun’s burial chambers

Were the remains of Queen Nefertiti hidden in the walls of King Tutankhamun's burial chambers? That is what National Geographic found out when they conducted an archaeological investigation using modern technologies to analyze what lies beyond the ancient...

Case Study

Locating the First Burial Site of Christopher Columbus - Mystery Solved

After the famous navigator Christopher Columbus passed away in 1506, he was buried in Valladolid, Spain. However, it wasn't known exactly where and his remains were moved several times over the years. See how the team at Geozone helped to determine the exact location of Columbus' first...

Case Study

Revealing Historic Roman Villas Hidden Beneath Agricultural Ground

The Mayor of Rielves in Toledo, Spain, was challenged with unearthing a Roman villa that was buried under agricultural ground. See how 3D Geoimaging helped to create 3D visualizations of the abandoned heritage site to verify the GPR data before...

Case Study

Analyzing Historical 3D GPR Data from the Imperial Villa of Roman Emperor Trajan

After a team of geologists conducted a GPR survey on the grounds of an ancient Roman emperor’s villa, they revealed some surprising data. See how they turned the GPR data into superior 3D images for deeper analysis of the findings.

Case Study

Deep Archaeological Analysis of a Roman Site in Guadalajara

To uncover more information about an ancient Roman site, the teams at the CAI of Archaeometry and Archaeological Analysis of the UCM needed to conduct deeper analysis of the GPR data collected. See how they analyzed the data to achieve great clarity of the...