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Screening Eagle Revolutionizes Structural Data Collection and Asset Management with Never-Before-Seen Capabilities

Oct 02, 2023

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Screening Eagle Revolutionizes Structural Data Collection and Asset Management with Never-Before-Seen Capabilities

Screening Eagle Technologies has announced a new version of INSPECT, the intelligent inspection & asset management software at #KEY23SET - The Built World Tech Keynote event. INSPECT 4.0 now gives users several other new capabilities to make work in the field easier and more productive. 

The first major update for Screening Eagle INSPECT is the launch of the brand-new iPhone app. Designed to empower the entire inspection process, the app focuses on the core functionalities for inspectors and engineers to do their jobs even better. Now users can leverage the powerful iPhone camera for brilliant picture taking, enjoy a comfortable user experience with the light weight of the device and are enabled to use both hands when required 

INSPECT 4 is also more tailored to every user’s unique requirements with the new Field Dashboard to boost productivity on daily tasks. The newly introduced widgets function further boost productivity in the field, allowing users to customize the Field Dashboard as per their needs, available on iPhone and iPad. 

For those who want to use an even more powerful camera in the field where access is not possible for example, INSPECT 4 has introduced its new automatic photo sorting feature. Photos from any external camera can now be assigned and then uploaded to INSPECT Web and the software algorithm does the rest to sort them out to the exact SPOT location.

When visual data is not enough, and non-destructive testing is needed, INSPECT’s new update brings exciting new capabilities. As of now, not only can NDT sensor datasets be linked to a spot, but now all imaging data can be directly overlapped onto a 2D floor plan with the new Sensor Overlay feature. The overlay on the floorplan completely changes the perspective allowing users to create fast reports with valuable information from the data that can be understood immediately. This significantly speeds up the scanning and reporting process massively as there is no need to extract data and or use different tools to put the report together. 

To further enhance customizability, INSPECT 4 is introducing custom markers that can be predefined using different shapes and colors. This allows users to quickly assess data captured, define defect types and severities according to standards and customer requirements to provide a custom solution. 

INSPECT also presented its upcoming API, enabling users to keep their legacy system while improving the way they collect data. The RESTful API allows users to fetch all Assets, Spots and Reports through simple HTTP requests to download data in its simplest form. This means that users can bring data out of INSPECT and into their own system, without having to export to Excel. In the era of Big Data and AI, Screening Eagle believes that providing solid frameworks to exchange data is essential to protecting the built world.  

Furthermore, a new connector will enable users to create valuable dashboards in the industry standard PowerBI. Users will simply login with their Screening Eagle ID in the PowerQuery editor and start grabbing data to use as a source for creating graphs. All thanks to INSPECT API which is being rolled out as a private Beta version.  

To facilitate the inspection workflow further, Screening Eagle aims to provide Excel integration directly into INSPECT by the end of this year. This will mean that bridge index calculations or other periodic asset assessments according to local standards can be fully used and leveraged within the app. 

The intelligent inspection and asset management software has received many recommendations and testimonials from many top companies including VSL International in Brunei, who participated in the #KEY23SET event. Project Manager at VSL Brunei reported on his experience with INSPECT about how it has helped his team become more efficient: 


Inspect makes our tasks easier, projects faster and enables us to streamline all visual and NDT data." - Narciso Pacuribot, PM at VSL Brunei 


INSPECT 4.0 will be available fordownload from the App Store by mid-October with a free 30-day trial. Screening Eagle is also now offering a series ofroadshow eventsto showcase INSPECT and their other new innovations. See the events page for more information.