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Screening Eagle Presents the New Wave of AI-Powered Ultrasonic Innovation

Jun 02, 2021

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Screening Eagle Presents the New Wave of AI-Powered Ultrasonic Innovation

At the recent #KEY21SET InspectionTech Keynote and Product Launch event, Screening Eagle introduced the world’s most powerful, yet lightest multi-channel ultrasonic imaging system, the Pundit PD8050.

The Pundit PD8050 was released to complement Screening Eagle’s multi-technology portfolio and improve the safety of concrete buildings, bridges and structures. As demonstrated at the keynote event, the multi-technology approach is the key to having the full picture of information needed to accurately access the health condition of concrete. With this unique ultrasonic imaging system, users benefit from high-resolution 3D imaging, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality for superior data clarity.

Screening Eagle have been leading the way for preventative inspections and maintenance of the built environment, and the release of the Pundit PD8050, alongside other innovations at #KEY21SET, enables this initiative in more sustainable, eco-friendly ways.

After listening to their customers, the company developed the sensor to be 30% lighter than previous Pundit ultrasound models and far lighter than anything else available today. This first of its kind innovation will benefit many inspection engineers who may have to carry several technologies on-site such as Ultrasound and GPR. They can be more agile, getting the job done faster and with a richer set of inspection data.

Some unique applications of the Pundit PD8050 include detecting voids and delaminations, measuring thickness of tunnel linings, defect detection in mass concrete nuclear containment structures, detecting poorly grouted tensioning ducts, concrete strength and uniformity testing.

Combined with the Pundit Live Array app, the PD8050’s AI positioning system and immediate data visualization with 2D, 3D, heatmap and AR views, allows users to expand their inspection capabilities in ways never done before. The ever-evolving software is fully integrated with Screening Eagle Workspace and is set for some further exciting updates later this year.

Screening Eagle will now offer a series of technical webinars for the Pundit PD8050 and their other new products that were released during the keynote, and will be showing them live at the World of Concrete 8 – 10 June in Las Vegas.