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Researchers Uncover a Strange Finding at The Great Pyramid of Giza Using Screening Eagle’s Ultrasonics

Mar 10, 2023

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Researchers Uncover a Strange Finding at The Great Pyramid of Giza Using Screening Eagle’s Ultrasonics

Screening Eagle’s ultrasonic inspection technologies and software have recently been used by scientists from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) as part of an international research project at the Cheops Pyramid of Giza, helping them to make significant findings.

The project was in collaboration with the international research team, ScanPyramids, to confirm an unknown chamber in the pyramid that was first suspected from measurements taken in 2016, but it was not proven until now. As one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Cheops pyramid is the largest and oldest pyramid of Giza and is considered one of the best-studied buildings in the world. However, thanks to modern technologies the research team was able to uncover a new mystery – an empty chamber located above the original entrance to the pyramid.

As the Great Pyramid of Giza is part of the World Heritage Site, special care had to be taken during the investigation to ensure no damage occurred. Therefore, the team used several non-destructive methods including Pundit Ultrasonic testing equipment from Screening Eagle.

With the Pundit ultrasonic inspection solution and Pundit Vision data post-processing software, the scientists at TUM were able to gain clear visualizations of the suspected cavity and confirm initial measurements. The team then used endoscopic cameras to go inside the chamber through a small gap between the stones of the chevron ceiling and discovered the chamber is large enough to accommodate several people.

The new findings on such an extensively studied structure highlight the need for further investigation of all the ancient pyramids. Modern technologies such as the Pundit PD8050 make an excellent choice for its non-invasive deep data capture and instant visualization in 3D. Watch the full interview with TUM (language is in German).

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