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We made traditional pulsed ground penetrating radar (GPR) obsolete for concrete applications, by introducing the world’s first handheld and wireless stepped frequency continuous wave GPR solution.

Sweeping through the complete frequency spectrum, from low-to-high frequencies, giving you one device that can see depth and resolve small objects at the same time. With the smart combination of the unique SFCW sensor technology and our powerful software running on the iPad, you get unmatched performance, data clarity and user experience. And one more thing... your investment into our solutions will always stay up-to-date with continuous over-the-air performance updates because we have engineered our solutions from the ground-up with all required frequencies on board, as an ever-evolving platform that keeps getting better-and-better over time.




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Looking for Subsurface GPR

The one solution for locating objects and mapping the underground world using SFCW ground penetrating radar technology.
Screening Eagle Technologies is a merger of Dreamlab and Proceq



“I use GPR a lot. We do stuff all over the world and different kinds of civil projects, structural archaeology, utilities, -and finding the diversity that you guys are coming out with in the GPR space is really helpful for a lot of people. …things I love about the Proceq systems are the high quality, but also ease of use. And so being able to put that into some of our new employees’ hands helps us get them to independence much faster than without it. So I’m really excited about it.”


Daniel Bigman, Bigman Geophysical





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