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Top Quality Forensic Building Inspections Using Advanced Technologies

Forensic Building Inspections Using GPR

Here at Screening Eagle, we love to hear how our technologies are being used to inspect and protect the built world, even helping to fulfill some personal passions along the way...

Meet Paul Tucker for example, a Forensic Engineer from Knoxville Tennessee and one of our valued customers.

Growing up on a farm, Paul worked with his parents form an early age. He soon realized that he was fascinated with the structures around him. On family trips throughout the country, he found himself admiring buildings and landmarks. He wanted to get a deeper understanding of how they were built. After serving in the military he became a civil engineer.

With his wife and children Paul moved to Florida to work in building forensics. As a professional engineer, he designed and inspected over 4000 structures. His expert services are in high demand, even in the most remote locations.

True to his roots, Paul is dedicated to perfection in all he does and only works with the latest inspection technologies. Today he has his own engineering firm and continues to focus on what matters for the built environment - preventive and forensic inspections.

See more real stories from Screening Eagle customers on our Inspection Space.

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