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Hardness Testing for Heavy-load Components on Buildings and Bridges

hardness testing heavy load components bridges

This application note describes how to achieve accurate and safe quality assurance when testing the hardness of Post-Tension system components.

Essential quality checks before delivery and installation

Load-carrying components like anchor heads and bearing trumplates are of key importance for Post-Tension (PT) systems for buildings and bridges. Before being sent to the customers and installed on site, the hardness of those components should be checked to ensure enough strength. Normally a certain number of samples are checked for every batch and the entire batch gets scrapped if one of the samples does not meet the hardness requirement.


Quick and convenient measurements thanks to the portability

Proceq customers in China and Switzerland use Equotip 550 Leeb D or Equotip Live Leeb D to measure the hardness of batches of anchor heads and bearing trumplates in e.g. the storage room or workshop of a plant. The rebound method gives accurate results on big and heavy load-carrying components. At the same time, instead of taking the big parts to a benchtop machine, it is very convenient for our customers to carry the portable device with them and do the measurements quickly on different samples from different batches.


Cloud data storage for global database

Proceq customers in Switzerland has a global network. The suppliers and partners worldwide are responsible to make sure the hardness data of certain batches of load-carrying components are well documented and accessible globally. Proceq cloud data storage provided by Equotip Live products enables customers to immediately have data backed up and stored in the cloud with the highest safety. The hardness data can be then accessed by different people in different places at any time.

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