Productive Utility Mapping with an End-to-end Digital Workflow

Today, we hear from Simon Bailey at Site Vision Surveys Ltd with an exclusive customer interview about utility mapping with subsurface GPR. Watch the interview to see their experience with the Proceq GS8000 and how it's affected customer satisfaction...

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We love to know how our customers are using our technologies in incredible ways. Today, we hear from Simon Bailey at Site Vision Surveys Ltd with an exclusive customer interview about utility mapping with subsurface GPR.

Watch the interview to see why the team at Site Vision Surveys chose the Proceq GS8000, what their experience has been with it ever since, and how it has affected customer satisfaction...

Check out the full transcript of the interview.

Thanks for joining us Simon, please do tell our viewers a little about yourself and your background...

My name is Simon Bailey, I’m the managing director of Site Vision Surveys. I’m also a fellow of the chartered institute of civil engineering surveyors and a background in utility mapping.

Why did you choose the Proceq GS8000?

We did our study, we understood which ground radar devices that we were looking for, or at least the application and it became very apparent that that was the tool for the job.

How has your experience with the GS8000 been?

So, the GS8000 we have had for six months now and it’s very much been a positive outcome. Feedback from the site has been very positive from the surveyors. Mainly because of what the device can actually do, what we can achieve and what we’re locating onsite. But also, the usability of the device as well. We have found that not only the connectivity, so using the palmtop devices instead of the ruggedized units that we currently used. That’s been a positive. The software itself, the visualization of the software is incredible.

What is it like to have an end-to-end digital workflow?

An end-to-end digital workflow is certainly becoming more and more important. We have found with the introduction pass one to eight, that demands on digital data and moving digital data have increased that we’ve found particularly with the recent covid lockdown, and what we have already instigated regarding our mobile applications as well as our palm top applications, moving data is relatively straightforward for ourselves. And having something like the GS8000 has really improved on that, it’s an incredible device that captures very good clean data, and it’s easy to move on.

Has stepped frequency continuous wave (SFCW) GPR increased your customer satisfaction?

I think having the appropriate tool in the toolbox very much so, some persons look at ground probing radar as another tool in the box, but the reality is you’re missing a great opportunity here of not only doing what you want to do onsite, but also then allowing that data to be processed and post-processed in way that gives you the ultimate deliverable, rather than just putting as paint mark on the ground.

What are the main benefits of the Proceq GS8000?

So, the real benefit of the device… it is a real-time device but with the Workspace platform it enables us to move data easily from the site and back to the office, or push it onto the client if they want raw data from the site.

Interested to know more about the GS8000 subsurface mapping system and learn how it can benefit your utility mapping projects? Get in touch with our team, we're pleased to help.

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