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Highly efficient visual inspections of concrete bridges

visual inspection large concrete bridge Ingeolab

We love to hear about how our customers use our products in amazing ways. Today, we meet the team at InGeoLab who have been super smart about streamlining their workflow for large bridge inspections.

Inspecting the condition of concrete bridges like this one near the great San Bernardino Tunnel in Italy is a vital process. InGeoLab performs the visual inspections every year. But this year, they are using INSPECT, the intelligent asset inspection software.

With INSPECT, Ingeolab's data collection can be done twice as fast. The inspection templates are digital, customizable and compatible with official standards and government requirements, making them easy to fill in on the go.

Visual defects are captured with the iPad and cracks are identified and segmented with artificial intelligence. reports that used to take up to several days are now created in seconds.

The team at InGeoLab will also save more time on the next visit, since all their previous inspection data for the bridge is geolocated and easy to find.

- Dr. Ing. Geol. Alberto Béthaz, InGeoLab, Italy.

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