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Versatile Leeb hardness tester for on-site testing of large rolls, thin foils, and films

Film & Paper Roll Hardness Testers

Equotip 550 Leeb U

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Equotip 550 Leeb U

  • Immediate visual assessment of the hardness profile and direct data reporting
  • Large crown for a safe and stable impact on curved surfaces, thin foils and films
  • Able to test hardness profile of paper, film and foil rolls


Large and midsize paper rolls / Thin film rolls / Foil rolls / Leather / Textile rolls (organic or synthetic) / Coated rolls / Electrical condensers

Exceptional user experience and best-in-class measuring and analysis
Rugged touchscreen designed to provide an exceptional user experience and best possible measuring and analysis for high performance.

Large crown for a safe and stable impact for fast and reliable hardness testing of paper, film, foil, textile, cardboard, and leather rolls

Able to test hardness profile of paper, film and foil rolls

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Software for Equotip 550 Platform
Equotip 550 Platform
Tech Specs
Pc Software
Equotip Link allowing direct reporting and custom reports

Internal 8 GB flash memory (> 1’000’000 measurements)
Tech Specs
7” color rugged touchscreen unit (800 x 480 pixels) with dual core processor

Instrument Firmware
Display and print out sophisticated roll hardness profiles
Setting of hardness limits
Display of hardness statistics
Supporting barcode reader for fast,
easy and reliable roll identification
Verification wizard
11 languages and timezone supported

7” color rugged touchscreen unit (800 x 480 pixels) with dual core processor

> 1’000’000

USB host / device and Ethernet

Contact Force
120 N

Spherical Test Calotte
Stainless steel 50mm (2") tip diameter (tip hardness 60 HRC)

Max.Material Penetration
4.0mm (0.15")

1 LU; 1 R

+-6 LU (1% at 600 LU)
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Standards & Guidelines


  • Arrow, click names to download Standards & Guidelines TAPPI T 834

How does hardness correlate to the thickness profile?

Roll hardness is a roll feature that indicates the equality of the thickness profile and tension in a roll. In most cases, a relationship exists between the roll hardness and roll density. The higher the hardness value of...

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How does the definition of a hardness roll profile help to avoid the runnability issues and increase product quality?

The control of roll hardness enables the users to early spot the defects that appear during the roll winding process. The winding is also one of the last processes during the paper and roll making. Hence the highest cost...

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What is the optimum roll hardness and how does it contribute to the end product quality?

Roll hardness profile is an important property of parent reels and customer rolls. A correct winding process can be monitored throughout a roll hardness profile measurement and leads to a roll of a high quality

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