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Film & Paper Roll Hardness Testers

Paper Schmidt PS8000

Roll hardness testing using rebound hammer technology
  • Accurate profiling with unmatched performance
  • High quality design for increased durability
  • Flexible data handling for PC, mobile app, or portable printer

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Large, midsize and small paper rolls / Leather / Coated rolls / Lottery paper / Tissue paper

Precise roll testing of paper or foil rolls using rebound hammer technology
High performance
Originally invented by Proceq in 1954 and still the market leader today, providing the highest accuracy and most reliable results.
Increased durability
The only rebound hammer specifically designed for the paper industry, Swiss Made to ensure durability and long lifetime.
Flexible data handling
Versatile data handling via USB or Bluetooth, with fast and easy documentation using the mobile app - simply scan the roll ID using your camera.

Swiss Made
Software for Paper Schmidt App
Software / Workspace App
Tech Specs
Mobile App
Proceq Paper Schmidt App

App Display
Any compatible Apple® iOS device (iOS 12 and later)

App Workflow Features
Voice read-out of each impact (only on iOS®)
Logbook with geolocation, audio, image and text annotations
Series statistics
Generate roll profiles
ID Barcode and QR code scanner
Set min/max values
Single series reporting: CSV

App Verification Features
Software-assisted verification on an anvil

PC Software
Paperlink 2 software runs on Windows 7 or newer

PC Workflow features
Download and manage roll data
Instant view on measurement data span
Set up and change min/max limits
Display statistics
Insert measurement comments
Export data to CSV file
Export PNG images
Paper Schmidt PS8000 Tech Specs
Sensor / Instrument
Tech Specs
Roll profile measurement (series of rebound value)

Optical Rebound Velocity Quotient

Key Features
Impact angle independent
Displays the impacts on-screen as you work
Set min/max values
Connect to PC, mobile app and portable printer

Impact Energy
0.735 Nm

Instrument memory > 20’000 impacts

Analog & backlit digital (100 x 100 pixels, graphic)

Bluetooth® LE, USB for charging, updates and wired data transfer to PC

Standards compliance
TAPPI TIP 1004-01
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Standards & Guidelines


  • Arrow, click names to download Standards & Guidelines TAPPI T 834

Does the Paper Schmidt PS8000 hammer orientation, with respect to the ground, affect the measurement results?

No. The Paper Schmidt PS8000 is angle independent, hence there is not impact from the hammer orientation on the data output. 

How does hardness correlate to the thickness profile?

Roll hardness is a roll feature that indicates the equality of the thickness profile and tension in a roll. In most cases, a relationship exists between the roll hardness and roll density. The higher the hardness value of...

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How does the definition of a hardness roll profile help to avoid the runnability issues and increase product quality?

The control of roll hardness enables the users to early spot the defects that appear during the roll winding process. The winding is also one of the last processes during the paper and roll making. Hence the highest cost...

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What is the optimum roll hardness and how does it contribute to the end product quality?

Roll hardness profile is an important property of parent reels and customer rolls. A correct winding process can be monitored throughout a roll hardness profile measurement and leads to a roll of a high quality

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