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Pundit Ultrasonic

Pundit 250 Array

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Deep scanning of concrete and fiber-reinforced concrete

  • Full modular system
  • Real time B-scan Unique feature for rapid spot checks
  • Can be used with pulse velocity transducers


Location of subsurface defects of concrete / Measurement of thickness of concrete elements / Determination of concrete pulse velocity for homogeneity and strength estimation

Ultrasonic pulse echo inspections featuring real-time imaging and line scan capabilities
Full modular system allows you to increase the number of channels by simply attaching additional probes.
Realtime B-scan

The unique real-time B-scan and panorama views provide high-resolution imaging directly on-site.


The same instrument can be used with classic pulse velocity transducers.

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Pundit 250 Array Tech Specs
Sensor / Instrument
Tech Specs
35 kHz to 40 kHz

Multi-channel ultrasonic pulse echo

Measuring Resolution
0.1 us

Pulse Voltage
±150 V (UPE)

Receiver Gain
1 to 10’000x (0 to 80 dB)

Nominal Transducer Frequency
40 kHz

Pulse Shape
Square wave

Pulse Delay
8 ms – 200 ms

Number of Channels
8 (with upgrade option to 16)

PC Software
PL-Link for analysis and export of data to third party applications

7” color rugged touchscreen unit (800 x 480 pixels) with a dual-core processor

Internal 8 GB flash memory

USB host/device and Ethernet

Measurement Modes
Real time B-Scan
Panorama B-Scan

Measuring Range
Ca. 1m depending on concrete quality

Special Features
Instrument Firmware: Raw data export
Settings directly accessible on measuring screen

Dry-contact Pundit Array transducer with auxiliary LCD display and control buttons on handles
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Pundit 250 Array
Upgrade to 16 channel: Pundit Array Transducer (327 30 100), Pundit Array Transducer, Extension Kit (376 30 377), and Dual Handle Kit (327 30 370)
Upgrade to dual-handle: Dual Handle Kit (327 30 370)
Pundit Array Transducer Battery Pack Complete (327 30 337)
Rechargeable AA NiMH battery set of 6 (327 30 384S)
Battery complete (327 01 033)
Quick Charger (external) (327 01 053)
Standards & Guidelines


  • Arrow ACI 228.2R-13
  • Arrow DGZfP Guideline MC 1
  • Arrow RI-ZFP-TU
  • Arrow ZTV-ING Teil 5 Tunnelbau

Is it possible to measure ultrasonic pulse velocity using the Pundit PD8000?

Ultrasonic pulse velocity measurements are traditionally made with P-waves (compression waves). The Pundit PD8000 provides the alternative of measuring pulse velocity variations using shear waves. A unique feature of the...

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Is it possible to detect water filled voids with ultrasonic pulse echo?

Yes, it is possible to detect water-filled voids. One of the reasons that shear waves are used in the Pundit PD8000 instruments is that in comparison with P-waves (compression waves), they are better suited to detecting...

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How deep can I measure with the Pundit PD8000?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends very much on the concrete quality and the amount of steel present. Using the Pundit PD8000 instrument with the Far Field macro selected (low frequency and high...

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