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Compressive strength testing for softer materials.

Schmidt Rebound Hammers

Schmidt OS-120

Pendulum hammer for testing on softer material such as lightweight concrete, gypsum boards, fresh concrete and mortar used for brickwork joints

  • Compressive strengths below 5 Mpa
  • Large, half circular scale with high resolution
  • Two models for fresh concrete and mortar applications


Estimation of early strength development of concrete / Estimation of mortar strength of brickwork

Designed to test on softer materials accurately and below 5Mpa
Resolution & depth
Only rebound hammer that provides a test result at compressive strengths below 5 Mpa.
Large, half-circular scale with high resolution.
User Experience
Two models for fresh concrete and mortar applications.

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Schmidt OS-120 Tech Specs
Tech Specs
Impact Energy
0.833 Nm

Compressive Strength Range
1 to 5 N/mm2 (145 to 725 psi)

Mechanical display
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Standards & Guidelines


  • Arrow Austrian Guideline for tunnel lining, published December 2012. Austrian Construction Association
  • Arrow TNO Report BI -88-009/61.8.2060-VOE from IBBC Delft Netherlands (Mortar joint testing)