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Screening Eagle Unleashes the Future of GPR Data Post-Processing & Big Data Analytics

Oct 11, 2023

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Screening Eagle Unleashes the Future of GPR Data Post-Processing & Big Data Analytics

During the recent #KEY23SET – Built World Tech Keynote event, Screening Eagle Technologies launched the latest version of their popular GPR data post-processing and analysis software, GPR Insights 3. The new version of the web-based software brings never-before-seen capabilities for post-processing and analyzing any type of ground penetrating radar (GPR) data.

GPR Insights 3 solves the huge challenge of post-processing and storing Big Data sets such as those that will be collected with the new GS9000 and GM8000 Multichannel Subsurface Mapping GPRs. 

Along with the rise in demand for large-scale mapping of subsurface utilities and highway networks comes the need for an efficient way to post-process, analyze, and share the data. GPR Insights makes light work of these tasks, even with the largest GPR data sets thanks to the artificial intelligence models and the new parallel processing capabilities. Tasks that would previously take around 5 hours, can now be automated in around 5 minutes.

With traditional GPR solutions, it is still common to split field projects into many small jobs. The reason for this is that the post-processing software would otherwise crash while uploading the data. With GPR Insights 3 via the Workspace platform, this problem is eliminated, helping users to achieve a much more efficient data acquisition workflow.

In the past, this kind of data post-processing capabilities could only be completed on specialist computers, and it would be a lengthy process. Now with GPR Insights 3, it can all be done from any standard PC or laptop with more powerful capabilities than ever before. The new update also brings virtually unlimited web-based data storage. In the past, users were limited to a few Gb, now they can handle TB and beyond for unlimited project size.

The new ultra-fast computing architecture streamlines Big Data analytics, enabling users to save time and create stunning deliverables, regardless of their experience with the software.

GPR Insights 3 is also able to read and process data from almost any 3rd party GPR sensor, single- or multichannel, enabling survey companies to manage large fleets of multi-brand equipment with one, powerful and intuitive software solution.

Screening Eagle Technologies is now offering the chance to gain free in-person and virtual training sessions for GPR Insights software with their Roadshow and webinars. See the events page for more details.