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Screening Eagle Technologies Featured on Executive TV’s Latest Program “The Journey to Sustainability”

Jan 24, 2024

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Screening Eagle Technologies Featured on Executive TV’s Latest Program “The Journey to Sustainability”

Screening Eagle’s sensor and software solutions for concrete assessment have recently been featured on Executive TV’s latest program, “The Journey to Sustainability” featuring insights from key industry experts including Screening Eagle’s customer Warren Thomas of Henderson Thomas Associates Ltd.

The program shows how innovation and sustainability go hand in hand with new ways to contribute to net-zero carbon goals, allowing companies to grow whilst limiting the environmental impact. Director at Henderson Thomas Associates, Warren Thomas explains how their team has been using Screening Eagle Technologies on aging infrastructure like the Hammersmith flyover in London, UK. 

“The new Screening Eagle Technologies allowed Henderson Thomas to revolutionize the post-tension inspection on bridges such as Hammersmith flyover.” - Warren Thomas

Henderson Thomas Associates uses Proceq ground penetrating radar to accurately locate the tendon in the concrete and locate the profile of the tendon along the span with real-time visualization on the iPad.

To locate the likelihood of voids within the tendon the Pundit PD8050 is used to non-destructively assess areas of potential voids and defects. Furthermore, the team uses other advanced concrete condition testing technologies including half-cell potential so that the asset owner can ascertain the exact probability of risk of corrosion or problems with the post-tensioning system. 

The team also uses the Profometer PM8000 cover meter to log large amounts of concrete and determine the exact depths of concrete cover over the rebar, which is crucial for both durability and the new UK legislation around fire ratings.

All these technologies are synced to the Screening Eagle Inspect software meaning that the results from all the above-mentioned technologies can be reported from one area, rather than having to generate numerous reports.


“As we are looking at aging infrastructure, with respect to buildings and bridges, the longer they can stay up, the less carbon footprint we’re going to be imposing on the country and the world.” – Warren Thomas

Over the last 30 years, the flyover bridge has been inspected with traditional methods that often miss crucial signs of deterioration. This led to the original post-tensioning in the infamous structure becoming defunct and not doing its job. National Highways UK, in line with Transport for London (TFL), conducted some major works to the flyover, implanting new reinforcements both inside and outside of the bridge. The work that has been done should ensure the structure’s stability for several decades to come, therefore reducing its embodied carbon impact.

Now, the team at Henderson Thomas conduct thorough inspections and non-destructive evaluations with the latest solutions to detect any voids or structural defects rapidly before they become major problems. This enables preventive maintenance and more manageable repairs since they can be prioritized with data, and everything can be managed with high efficiency from Inspect software.

The Journey to Sustainability program was aired on SKY Digital 181 on December 3, 2023, and now the full episode can be watched on Executive TV’s website.