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Screening Eagle Technologies - a Swiss Confederation Accredited Calibration Lab

Aug 14, 2022

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Screening Eagle Technologies - a Swiss Confederation Accredited Calibration Lab

Screening Eagle Technologies is now a Swiss Confederation Accredited Calibration Lab according to ISO 17025 audited by the Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS). The ISO/IEC 17025 confirms that Screening Eagle have and use the proper tools, knowledge and processes to provide the highest standard of quality and services in calibration.

Aside from being qualified to complete in-house calibration services - which offers greater flexibility and less disruption to operations - becoming a Swiss Confederation Accredited Calibration Lab means that Screening Eagle’s customers can save time and money by ensuring efficient and accurate results. As it is only awarded to top-class laboratories, ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation also serves as a global benchmark and guarantees international validity of the equipment results going forward.

The ISO/IEC 17025 standard is a formal recognition of the technical and organizational competence of a laboratory or company to execute tests or calibrations, which rely on several critical parameters and processes. For customers of Screening Eagle, accreditation of the ISO/IEC standard offers reassurances that the calibration services are trustworthy, because all of the key components contributing to the service are checked, validated and accredited by an independent third party of international standing.

Adding another level of confidence and trust in accredited calibration labs, the standard also fosters preventive management and continuous improvement cycles to elevate the excellence as far as humanly possible. This demonstrates continuous process improvement, quality testing environments and regular implementation of industry best practices as present and future benefits.

Screening Eagle’s portable hardness testing equipment including the Equotip Leeb, UCI and Portable Rockwell are included in the scope of the accreditation alongside their road visibility testing equipment, Zehntner ZRM static retroreflectometers and Zehntner ZRS roadsign visibility tester.