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What difference in gloss units is visible to the human eye?

There are no distinct differences in gloss units for the human eye to point out between the two samples.

The detectable differences depend on the gloss level of the sample e.g. 3.0 GU difference measured on a very matte surface (perhaps 5GU), would be seen by the human eye but on a higher gloss coating (perhaps 60 GU) the difference would be very difficult to notice.

For a dedicated product the tolerances have to be evaluated experimentally (by end users tests of your coatings or internal "experts").

Another good option is the use of a 20/60/85 degrees instrument, which show more equality to the gloss differences due to the three measurement angles. Experience shows that a gloss difference of 5 GU, when measured with the correct geometry is just visible to a trained observer.

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