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Boosted Productivity and Efficiency for Structural Inspections

With multiple inspections happening simultaneously, TSM wanted a solution to consolidate and share their data easily, whilst improving connection to the guys in the field. See how they managed to increase productivity, generate reports in seconds and customize their inspection workflows to provide a superior service to their clients in Singapore.

Productive structural inspection software

Infrastructure & Asset Inspection of Concrete Structures



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  • TSM C&S Consultants PTE. LTD. wanted to streamline their workflow with multiple inspections happening simultaneously
  • Screening Eagle INSPECT was identified as a solution to save time, store, consolidate and share their data
  • They increased productivity but at least 40%, saved time, and used less manpower on inspections.

TSM is a civil and structural engineering consultancy company in Singapore providing design, inspection, and project management services to local government agencies and various private sector clients, including the Singapore Pool Head Quarters, Former Thong Chai Medical Institution, inspection for over 100 of electrical substations for Singapore Power, the project of Oxley Bizhub building inspection and the inspection at the largest airport in South-east Asia.

The Challenge

Typically, many inspection projects are conducted simultaneously, and each project requires certain manpower and a lot of data collection, including taking dozens of photographs. For TSM, it was time-consuming to manage the data collection, sorting, storage and sharing with the many stakeholders. For example, the report preparation alone can take more than a day. Another major challenge during inspections is communications among inspectors, engineers, building owners, consultants, and contractors.


The Solution

TSM identified the cloud storage based 'Screening Eagle INSPECT' app as a solution to their challenges. From the iPad app, TSM set up and managed projects, took high-resolution photos, tagged them by location, located the crack/defects by artificial intelligence (AI), generated reports in seconds on-site and shared them with all stakeholders.

The INSPECT web application provided additional functions to the iPad App, from where TSM could manage the accounts and customize inspection workflows and report structures. This made it easy and simple to communicate seamlessly both in the intuitive iPad App and the powerful web App.


The Result

Since implementing the Screening Eagle INSPECT software during the entire inspection workflow, TSM has been able to reduce the manpower needed on projects by around 50%. Productivity has also increased by approximately at least 40%, resulting in significant cost savings and increased scalability.

As an ecosystem of high-performance sensors, software, and workflow tools, this has helped TSM to truly implement the ‘internet of things’ and to improve connectivity among their many different users including building owners, inspectors, consultants and contractors.

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