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Extracting the Deepest Insights from GPR Data

Extracting the Deepest Insights from GPR Data

Here at Screening Eagle, we love to hear how our technologies are being used to increase quality, safety and longevity of the built world.

Meet Bill Steinhart for example, Senior Geophysicist at Rettew and one of Screening Eagle's valued customers who shared their story with us at #KEY22SET Built World Keynote and Product launch Event.

The best decisions are always made with clarity.

This couldn’t be truer for Bill Steinhart from Engineering Design firm, Rettew.

Bill scans all kinds of structures. From concrete slabs and underground utilities, to world-famous landmarks and historical cemeteries.

He often performs sophisticated post-processing to extract deep insights that would otherwise be hidden to the human eye.

These insights are more than just data. They let Bill uncover the past, understand the present, and provide clarity to make the right decisions for the future.

See more customer stories, case studies and more about GPR data post-processing and analysis on our Inspection Space.

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