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Achieving Never-seen-before Quality Results from GPR Data

Never-seen-before Quality Results from GPR Data


Here at Screening Eagle, we are always intrigued to hear how our technologies are being used to increase quality, safety and longevity of the built world. 

Meet Rodrigo Jaque for example, Managing Partner at Geo Radar Chile and one of Screening Eagle's valued customers who shared their story with us at #KEY22SET Built World Keynote and Product Launch Event.



Passion for innovation is in the DNA for Rodrigo Jaque from Chile.

Rodrigo’s father, Agustín Jaque, was a pioneer when he first started the business, using equipment that not many understood.

While technology has since advanced and structures have aged, Rodrigo’s business has continued to grow.

The team use only the latest technologies to complete projects that used to take half a year with traditional methods. Now it takes just a couple of weeks.

Rodrigo has become a pioneer, using new software to achieve never-seen-before quality results.


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