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Maintaining high accuracy during dynamic road marking testing

Timely and accurate assessment of road marking visibility is crucial for road safety. See how Brother Road Sign use dynamic testing to measure the road marking retroreflectivity on large roads and busy highways.

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  • Zhejiang Brother Road Sign Coating Co. Ltd. were contracted to check the road marking visibility of large scale areas in China
  • The Zehntner ZDR 6020 RL dynamic vehicle-mounted marking retroreflectometer was used to measure the road marking retroreflectivity
  • The team achieved accurate and clear results in a safe and efficient way

Traffic safety authorities and industry units have been recently paying more attention to the important correlation between road marking visibility, retroreflectivity and road safety. Timely and accurate grasp and assessment of the status of road marking retroreflectivity coefficient is crucial for road safety.

Zhejiang brother road sign coating Co. Ltd. (Brother Road Sign) is a leading company in road marking coating in China, and is responsible for the construction of many highways and urban roads, as well as new coating test sections.


The original portable detection equipment using spot detection method can be useful for small-scale measurements or on sealed roads, but for large-scale roads and highways in the operation and maintenance phase, it is no longer applicable. Therefore, companies need safer detection technology and products.


In response to this situation, Brother Road Sign quickly launched the dynamic vehicle-mounted marking retroreflectometer Zehntner ZDR 6020 RL after research, and set up the Brother Road Sign Mobile Detection Station with this equipment as the core.


Advantages of using the ZDR 6020 RL for these applications:

  • Provides the same accuracy as handheld measurements at up to 150 km/h speed
  • 300 measurements per second, improving acquisition efficiency while maintaining high accuracy
  • No interference with normal traffic flow
  • Recognizes two or even three lanes and automatically stores measurement values
  • Ensures the safety of inspectors while detecting

In addition, it adopts an industrial-grade touch screen tablet with acquisition software to dynamically observe the marking and acquisition status in real time. Both single-point measurements and average sampling results of interval distances are provided.

The system is also equipped with GPS and high-definition cameras. All data and video content can be viewed as geolocation information in the analysis software Zehntner Mapping Tools.


The ZDR 6020 RL dynamic vehicle-mounted marking retroreflectometer facilitates Brother Road Sign company's periodic recording of data changes for a wide range of construction sections for follow-up quality tracking and test sections.

Significantly shorten the workflow of data analysis; not only enhancing the efficiency but also ensuring the accuracy of detection.

— Brother Road Sign.

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