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Screening Eagle Leads the Way for Preventative Inspections and Maintenance of the Built Environment

May 26, 2021

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Screening Eagle Leads the Way for Preventative Inspections and Maintenance of the Built Environment

Today, Screening Eagle Technologies has hosted its #KEY21SET InspectionTech keynote and product launch event, focusing on solving the built environment crisis, contributing to winning the fight against climate change and increasing the value of assets for the owners, by deploying predictive inspection technology.

As much as 30 to 50% of global CO2 emissions can be attributed to the construction and operations of the built environment. Furthermore, many structures around the world are decaying at unprecedented rates. This is where preventive inspections are the key contributor to overcoming the built environment crisis and significantly reducing the CO2 impact.

At #KEY21SET, Screening Eagle presented digital-first, user-friendly solutions for asset owners, engineers and inspectors, helping them to take a massive lead forward with preventative inspections to drive maintenance decisions using augmented reality, artificial intelligence, sensors and intelligent software. The event saw the release of five products to revolutionize asset inspections.

The latest version of INSPECT 2.0 intelligent inspection workflow and asset management software was announced with many new innovations for its subscribers. The company also introduced WORKSPACE, a free web platform for Screening Eagle's community to collaborate and integrate all inspection records into one place.

Screening Eagle expanded their concrete inspection portfolio with the world's most powerful yet lightest multi-channel ultrasonic imaging system, Pundit PD8050, with augmented reality and artificial intelligence, as well as a new pile integrity and impact echo testing solution, Pundit PI8000. A new revolutionary GPR (ground penetrating radar) scanner, Proceq GP8100, was unveiled to scan large areas effortlessly and with unmatched data clarity.

Viewers also got to 'meet' some of Screening Eagle's customers including Vinci Technology Centre UK, Ana Pires, Scientific Astronaut, and Alexander Taffe, Chairman of the German Society of Non-Destructive Testing, with inspection stories from here on earth, to up in space.

"Thank you to thousands of professionals for tuning in to our keynote event. Together with our customers, we continuously expand our software and sensor technologies with new capabilities and are working on the autonomous future of the inspection tech industry. "– Marcel Poser, CEO Screening Eagle Technologies

The company offers a series of free, technical webinars and demos to experience the new products and will be showing them live at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas.