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Screening Eagle are Streets Ahead in Road Inspection with new Zehntner update

May 29, 2023

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Screening Eagle are Streets Ahead in Road Inspection with new Zehntner update

Today, Screening Eagle Technologies have deployed an important new update to the popular Zehntner Road Marking (ZRM6014) and Sign (ZRS6060) Retroreflection sensors to enable reliable and economical wireless connectivity in all environments, plus other significant benefits for users.

The new wireless connectivity feature, powered by Bluetooth communication technology, enhances the use of Zehntner Road markings & signs products by completely eliminating the need for any cables. This enables inspection workers to collect and report valuable data from the field, easier and faster than ever.

One of the most crucial aspects of road marking and sign inspection is collecting reliable data and being able to transfer it safely and easily from the field. Now, with the new Bluetooth feature, users of the Zehntner ZRM6014 and ZRS6060 sensors will have the capability of wireless data transfer alongside the current standard USB connectivity.

In addition to the Bluetooth technology, Zehntner ZRM 6010, ZRM 6013+ and ZRM 6014 products are now also benefiting from an improved GPS hardware design. This will allow users to get faster GPS acquisition time, better location accuracy and keep reporting & measurement time to the minimum.

As a leading company in this field, Screening Eagle’s Zehntner aims to maintain customer satisfaction at the highest level and therefore continue improving the capabilities of their Swiss quality Zehntner Road portfolio.