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Oil & Gas Metal Filter Inspection with Ultrasound

During an inspection of a metal filter in the oil & gas industry, it's necessary to inspect different types of welding: circumferential, longitudinal, on nozzle. See the most efficient way to inspect this kind of component with great flexibility and hands-free options.

Oil & Gas Metal Filter Inspection with Ultrasound

Infrastructure & Asset Inspection of Concrete Structures



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During an inspection of this kind of component, metal filter for Oil & Gas Application, the technician has the necessity to inspect different kinds of welding: circumferential, longitudinal, on nozzle. In addition, the control is done on several items at the same time, 5-10-20 pieces at the same time.


The technician will need a lot of time to control so many things and so many diverse welting typologies. Carrying a 1.5-2 kg instrument around during this period is exhausting, and typical instruments are difficult to position during the inspection. The technician must divide his or her attention between the screen and the control panel.

Traditional Solutions

Control is carried out using various angle probes, and in the event of a defect, the technician is taking note of the event end report it in the final report.

The technician is moving around bringing the instrument with him and this is reason of low productivity.

Inspection has to be performed on 100% of the welding.

Typically, the report is delivered to the final client in PDF format and saved on the quality server with no extra information. Everything is built on a foundation of trust.

Screening Eagle Technologies Solution

Customers may do the same test in a more convenient manner using the Proceq UT8000. The iPad, which weighs less than 300 grams, is placed in the best possible position, with the holder, close to the examination area. The technician can view both the screen and the welder to control at the same time. The UT8000 device is permanently attached to the belt.



With both hands free, it is now feasible to complete the inspection with the greatest flexibility possible, using the probe and other tools (gel, meter) with ease.

With the UT8000's connectivity and traceability features, the technician is able to record the eco of the defect, the images, and the audio notes with a direct correlation to the item without any risk of mixing the information.


Once the inspection is complete, the control of the full batch the information can be shared directly to the final customer via Screening Eagle Workspace.

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