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Accurate Inspection of High-alloy Steels in the Power Industry

accurate inspection of high alloy steels


We are pleased to announce that the Equotip 550 platform now supports the new conversion standard for high-alloy steel in the power industry. The DL-T1845-2018 standard offers high precision tables for conversion of HLD values to HBW for high-alloy steels used within the power industry worldwide.


Measurement and correct evaluation of non-standard materials has always been a challenge for material inspectors around the globe. While the use of native scales will in all cases be correct, their conversion to other units is quite a challenge. The difficulty here lies in the fact that many inspectors, as well as companies, make measurements using non-destructive methods, but require conversion of the measurements to the units used in stationary equipment.


An example would be a measurement taken with the Equotip (Leeb) method and converted to the Brinell scale. To achieve that, the inspectors are often forced to generate their own conversion curves that in many cases are range-limited and may do not fully suit their needs. Since companies and inspectors have limited capabilities to generate a full conversion curve, those conversions are less accurate than those prepared for a large population of samples and may cause additional uncertainty during the conversion process. Conventional global standards, such as ASTM or ISO do not provide conversion tables for non-standard materials.

The implementation of the conversion tables to Equotip 550 enables the inspectors the accurate and instantaneous conversion of the following materials.

10Cr9Mo1VNbN (ASTM A/ASME SA335 T91
10Cr9MoW2VNbN (ASTM A/ASME SA335 T/P92)
10Cr9MoW2VNbN ( ASTM A/ASME SA 213-T/P92)* processed (welded)
22Cr12NiWMoV (C422)
05Cr17Ni4Cu4Nb (630 Grade)

Inspectors and companies benefit from the most precise conversions available on the market and can use the Leeb method that is least user-dependant from all portable hardness testing solutions.

Upgrade to the latest software update to experience the new conversion standard for high-alloy steel.

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