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Microgravity mission Equotip portable hardness tester

At Screening Eagle, we love to hear about our customers and how they are using our technologies in incredible ways. When expertise and creative vision meet powerful technology, anything is possible! We produced a series of short customer testimonial videos to showcase some of the inspiring ways Screening Eagle Technologies are being used - from the subsurface to outer space...

Meet Ana Pires, a Scientist-Astronaut and Researcher from the charming town of Porto.

From an early age, she was drawn to adventure, and her interests always steered towards technology and mechanics. It was a theme that would stay with her for life.

Her career progressed through studying volcanic and space rocks, to maritime engineering, and robotics - always keeping that strong sense of adventure. It led her to push the boundaries of what is possible, inspiring many people along the way.

After completing the Scientist’s astronaut program, Ana took part in a first of its kind event – an all-women micro-gravity mission.

Her scientific measurements help us to understand the behavior of materials in outer space.

It is thanks to pioneers like Ana Pires that technologies are expanding their reach from earth to the Moon, to Mars and beyond.

- Ana Pires Scientist-Astronaut

For the Microgravity Experiment, Ana used the Equotip portable hardness tester. Read the full case study and the results of this incredible mission.

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