How to Significantly Reduce Time and Costs In Your Inspection Business

From lost data, to incompatible software - sharing inspection data with asset owners and partners in other locations can be challenging. But as the globe moves through the digital transformation, we look at how data sharing within a project not only saves time and costs right now, but also in the years to come.

Inspection data sharing

Infrastructure & Asset Inspection of Concrete Structures



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Rich, complete, and easy-to-view data is the most valuable tool for decision making on new or existing builds. Yet sharing this valuable inspection data has traditionally been a cumbersome process.

Paper documents are easily lost or damaged and USB sticks can be just as easily lost over time. The data is also not digitally shareable unless the recipient has the same software on their device.

Not being able to share data in a timely manner slows down the entire workflow and interrupts the decision-making process. This can have a significant impact on client satisfaction and the health of the asset.

Building a reliable history of the structural asset and being able to share this information anywhere in the world, at any time, is also difficult (if not impossible) with the traditional methods.

A typical scenario…


A large engineering company has multiple offices across the country and multiple crews in the field. David, VP of Field Operations, sits at their HQ in NY. He is the GPR expert in the company and needs to do QA/QC of data collected by his crews.

Data is collected from various sites, there may be little connection to the guys in the field, and reports can take several days. The reported findings are then usually transferred on to a USB stick with a security password.

Not only does this risk loss of data if the password or stick is lost, but it means the data can only be shared with those who have the correct software to open it from the USB. This proves challenging when trying to share information with asset owners and partners in different locations.

Efficient, data sharing in real-time

Compare this to Linda at a large Engineering company with multiple offices across the country and multiple crews in the field. Linda, VP of Field Operations is the GPR expert, also needs to do QA/QC of data collected by her crews. In this case, she and her team use a combination of Screening Eagle equipment and solutions to carry out the inspections.

Linda has an instant advantage with a real-time view of the data including 3D images with accurate augmented reality. She and her team use the Proceq GPR Subsurfac‪e and Proceq GPR Liv‪e‬ apps that connect directly to the GPR units. This gives Linda and her team full access to the data straight from the field, plus additional functionalities for capturing data, post-processing, imaging visualization, and sharing.

Instead of USB sticks that may be lost or provide incompatible data, Linda has a convenient URL link to share with partners and asset owners in other locations...

Linda’s team love that their reporting time is dramatically reduced, and all project members can collaborate and communicate by text, photo, or voice directly on the app. Everything is stored securely on the cloud, so there is zero risk of data loss. Furthermore, a history of the project is created digitally, accessible at any point in time.

This is just one of many realistic examples of how Screening Eagle works to achieve superior data collection and sharing abilities.

With no risk of double work, lost or incomplete data, the workflow is automatically improved. Having the ability to easily share inspection data within the project saves time and millions of dollars for asset owners and inspection companies every year.

Find out more about Proceq GPR Live and Proceq GPR Subsurface to see in detail how they work to increase efficiency with end-to-end inspection solutions.

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